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Open Day Jewellery Event March 25th In Our Store

After the great success of last year’s event, we are throwing our store doors open for the second great jewellery sale.

Last spring, we hosted an open event and invited local craftspeople and jewellery makers to showcase their work, in our stores, for one day only.

It was a great day and we had far more people interested in having a stall than we had space for. Also, we had so many customers that they were spilling out onto the streets!

So this year, we are inviting sellers and makers of jewellery to come and take part once again.

What are we looking for? Anything that is unusual, different and of high quality. Our customers are always searching for that elusive gift that is just right for either themselves or their friends.

The products that we can showcase are not exclusively limited to jewellery. We can also display accessories and other wearable items.

Crafters of toiletries and soaps are also welcome to participate. All we ask is that the products are handmade and not mass produced and that you are not selling anything that contravenes either the law or health and safety guidelines. We cannot sell food or drink on the premises.

If you are interested in having a stall, here are some of our tips for making your sale a profitable one.


Last year we noticed that the stalls which were laid out the most neatly tended to be the ones that people showed the most interest in.

Make sure all your goods are labelled and priced accurately. Be prepared to add up and give the correct prices, as well as handle money.

We will not be able to give change on your behalf. You are in charge of all the transactions on your own stall.

We request that you dress tidily and remain courteous towards all members of the public – even difficult customers!


At the moment, your craft or jewellery making may just be a hobby that sometimes makes money. But if you are serious about wanting to turn professional in this business, then you need to look professional and that all starts with getting the finishing touches right.

Make sure you have enough bags and gift wrap available to package all your sales items in.

However, we are offering the chance for you to pre-order all the promotional products and merchandising products with which to better sell your jewellery with. We can sell promotional items such as gift wrap and printed jute bags for your stall, personalised for your business.

Also, if you want a logo printed t-shirt with your business name on it, we can supply that.

But as a jewellery maker you will need boxes to put your pieces in and we can sell them to you with your name and designs placed on them.

It looks a lot more professional to sell the items in a correctly fitting box and you will sell more and can sell for a higher price when you have the right accoutrements.

Since you will already be likely to have to find packaging solutions for your enterprise, you might be pleasantly surprised to find the rates for our corporate promotional products starts at less than you were imagining.

To download our full guidelines on taking part in the jewellery event please contact us for more information.